Simplicity is the Secret to Success

And verifiable, proven experience is the benchmark. As a technology professional for the last two decades, simplicity has been the underlining strategy for every successful venture I have created on the web. Internet buzzwords like SEO, site usability, design standards, pay-per-click marketing, social networking, and web site architecture are great terms for segmenting the various responsibilities of a successful web presence, but in the end, the common denominator always whittles down to good ol' simplicity.

Ok, But What Exactly Does That Mean?

People like simple. No-brainer, right?'d be surprised. Web users are increasingly becoming more savvy every day. These potential customers aren't interested in your fancy, flash-animated splash pages or over-done, graphic design templates.

They want information.
Web users want search engine results displaying web sites that match their intent exactly. Web users love to research. They want quality, reliable information and real-time response; And they want it now. Even faster than now. News, stock quotes, airline flights...Give me the information and let me choose. Empower me.

They want to shop.
Web consumers want complete product information available for just about anything they buy. Many consumers will use the web to research a product, weigh comparisons and make product buying decisions. Are you offering your potential clients enough information? After making these decisions, these consumers expect simple online shopping carts, fast checkout speeds and limited personal information submission. Are you giving consumers what they want?

The common denominator? - simplicity.

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