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Really great photography sparks emotion. Shock, excitement, surprise, laughter, empathy, anger - all examples of strong emotions that passionate photographers strive to evoke from their audience. specializes in this dynamic style of photographic imagery.

Like most boys growing up, My grandfather served as my rock-solid role model. My boyhood perception of him caused me to believe he could do, fix and accomplish just about anything. During his working years, he turned a passion for photography and cameras into a successful side business as a wedding photographer. For as long as I can remember, rarely was my grandfather without a camera ...much to the frustration of the women in the family, I might add.

With regards to photography and imagery related to web business, it's important to understand imagery captures attention, more than anything else. Image creation, selection and manipulation are all key elements to capturing your audience.

Grab 'em by the shirt collar and yank their faces to the screen.

Anything less is being lazy and less productive.

See our sample images below:

phatz photography series 2 - 480 pixel samples

phatz photography series 1 - 750 pixel samples

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