How to Choose an SEO Company

SEO is a very basic, logical practice that is not as difficult as it is time-consuming and meticulous. As an example,'s SEO Atlanta search engine optimization services are built around proven concepts of:

  • Simple, clean design
  • Functional navigation
  • Proper UI
  • Plentiful, unique content
  • XHTML and CSS markup architecture
  • tag attribute utilization
  • Professional SEO copywriting
  • Living, breathing, link-building strategies

Utilizing these basic techniques, web sites develop the correct foundation for enhanced search engine ranking, a better customer experience and the ability to attract external links from other web sites.

There is no such thing as SEO magic.

Any individual or company that promises specific search engine rankings is lying and should be completely disregarded by potential clients. Truth is, the search engines apply a tremendous amount of resources towards keeping their ever-changing ranking algorithms a secret, and no reputable search engine would ever allow a third party company direct access to mucking with their proprietary search results.'s SEO Atlanta service practices responsible SEO.

SEO is not rocket science. The best SEO jockeys apply simple, well-known and logical techniques to improve web sites and increase the web site's exposure through off-page link building and brand exposure. Certainly, a company can do these things themselves, but there are benefits to utilizing a dedicated SEO professional with a proven track record.

Four, Quick Benefits of using a dedicated SEO company

Utilizing SEO companies and search engine optimization service professionals who have proven to be competent and experienced can be a boon to a web site's optimization strategy.

  • We deal with SEO everyday - while it's possible to factor SEO exercises into just additional duties for an existing IT, marketing or promotions staff, chances are these individuals may not be able to apply the necessary time, resources and due diligence to make the effort successful. Responsible SEO takes time.
  • The best SEOs are both technically and marketing savvy - This is an unique skill set. Most marketing/promotions people want nothing to do with computers and code. Likewise, most IT professionals are interested in numbers, programming and calculations and steer clear of anything marketing related.
  • Your competition IS utilizing dedicated SEO - That's right. Chances are you want to improve your rankings to improve your business, and in turn, topple your competition. Well, guess what? If your competition is utilizing dedicated SEO services to improve their presence, it makes it awfully difficult for a competitor to tackle the competition with only limited, part-time attention.
  • Responsible SEO companies know what to avoid - There's a lot of garbage on the internet. Just as there is inaccurate health and financial information on the web, the same is true for search engine optimization. Sites and companies will hype buzzwords and trends to attract attention without a true understanding of the concepts. This can equate to potentially being led down the wrong path with regards to your traffic enhancement strategy.

There are more advantages, however, I'm pretty sure you get the jist of it. Responsible SEOs with a proven track record will equate to much more success than band-aiding a solution out of desperation and perceived necessity.

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