SEO Atlanta Presents SEO 101

SEO Atlanta offers SEO 101 - a complete SEO training guide available to anyone interested in learning proven, responsible SEO techniques to improve the search engine rankings of their web sites. Search Engine Optimization is such a powerful marketing tool and is an important skill set for anyone associated with marketing, promotions or advertising in general.

With SEO as such a hot topic, you might be wondering why are willing to offer this information for free... At SEO Atlanta we believe there are a number of reasons to provide quality SEO tutorials for free. Below are some of the more important reasons:

Responsible SEO is good for the Internet
At's SEO Atlanta, we only teach responsible SEO techniques. In the search industry this referred to as white hat SEO; conversely, search engine trickery specifically used to manipulate the search engine robots is often called black hat SEO. Personally, I dislike the whole white hat, black hat concept because of the ambiguity and interpretations associated with these terms and their practices. At SEO Atlanta we keep it simple by employing and teaching only responsible SEO techniques that will not only work to improve a site's search engine ranking, but improve the overall customer experience as well.

There is a lot of garbage out there
You've seen them. The doorway pages, the pages littered with Google AdSense advertisements, banners and affiliate links. They provide a page of generic copy, perhaps a random list of obvious information, and then flood the page with money-making link schemes and other ancillary garbage designed to trick the user into clicking off into oblivion. Worse, the information found at these sites is rarely accurate or helpful. At SEO Atlanta, we promote only quality content development.


Good old fashioned credibility
Ok, so yea, we are proud of the SEO success we have had over the years and like most computer geeks, we like to show off. Don't hate us for it. Instead, spend some time on SEO 101 and learn as much as you can soak in. You might like it. You might already know a lot of it. You might want to make it your career. You just might get better than us.

Learn the SEO basics now: SEO 101

SEO companies in Atlanta

There are a lot of SEO companies in Atlanta and around the nation that can help any company or individual site owner improve their search engine rankings. At SEO Atlanta we believe that information is power. Before hiring any outside agency to help with SEO, make sure you have a plan for moving forward after the SEO agency has moved on.

  • SEO companies should document everything - It's important to have all site additions, modifications and enhancements documented for review in the future. Ensure that your SEO partner is providing all of this information on a timely basis. Monthly seems to be standard.
  • Learn all you can from the SEO - Search gurus like to pretend that what they are doing is magical and only the privileged are aware. It's not so - instead, SEO is based on basic logic, smart coding and industry marketing standards that should be openly communicated and easily explained.
  • Challenge your SEO company - Don't be afraid to challenge some of the SEO's ideas and implementation plans BEFORE they go live. You will learn something and most likely will teach the SEO something specific about your industry and/or business environment.
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