SEO 102 - Link Building Tutorial

SEO 101 dove into the important basics of on-page SEO and content optimization. It's important to understand that SEO attention does not stop there. One of the most important elements for ranking well on the search engines is the accumulation of external, inbound links from quality, reputable web sites on the Internet.

What is Link Building?

If you already have a web site, you most likely have received a request from another webmaster inquiring about the possibility of getting your web site to link to theirs. This is just one of the many methods web site owners use to build to their inbound link portfolio. In SEO 102, we will learn the various methods for acquiring these powerful and beneficial inbound links from reputable web sites across the Internet.

Link Building Definition: Link Building is defined as the practice of creating inbound links to a web site. This can be done through reciprocal linking, e-zine listings, newsletters, directories, search engines, and more.

Nobody Said Getting Inbound Links Was Easy

Link building can be a very time-consuming and exhaustive exercise with limited daily return. For example, you may request a dozen links in a day and if you're lucky, one or two requests might get accepted. This is why we wait until SEO 102 to begin the discussion of link building. You first want to take the necessary steps to ensure your web presence is up to snuff with proper content optimization, clean coding and attention to user interface web standards. Then, and only then, should you begin the process of link building.

SEO 102 is currently work in progress... {stay tuned}

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