Surf the Web Anonymously

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Often times web users like to surf the internet without the fear of having their personal internet activity tracked. Perhaps you are shopping for a gift for your spouse and you would rather he/she not haphazardly stumble across your visit to Maybe you are conducting industry research and you don't want competitors to know you've spending time on their web sites. Perhaps you're just a security nut. Whatever the case may be, there are any number of possible reasons why a web surfer would choose to surf the web anonymously. Luckily, this is possible due to the emergence of a variety of web sites called HTTP Proxy web sites.

These HTTP proxies allow users to surf the web via the proxy service computer network. By accessing web sites in this manner, your computer is hidden from the web sites in which you visit. Instead, the computer that is seen as accessing the sites is the proxy service computer, not yours.

Try some of these proxy sites listed below for anonymous web surfing
Note: Proxy service web sites do tend to be a little bit slower, but on a fast connection, using a reliable proxy, the latency effects are negligible. It's a small price to pay for your security and Internet anonymity.

** has no financial interest in any of these services.

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